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Special software:

Special software consists of CAD system packages, which provide a whole circle (on logical and physical layers) of design, prototyping, verification and testing of difficult functional blocks, VLSI, systems on a chip, high speed printed circuit boards and topology of devices of nanoelectronics and micro electro mechanical systems, as well as software for researches, developments and verification of models of electronic devices and technological processes.

CAD systems for VLSI design

CAD systems for design of nano electronics and micro systems

CAD systems for design

CAD systems for printed circuit board design

Software for data acquisition system and signal digital processing

  • LabVIEW (National Instruments)
  • Special programs ELVIS, GPIB B IMacVisio (National Instruments)
  • Special programs ELVIS, GPIB B IMacVisio (National Instruments)
  • DAC Tools package
  • CodeVisionAVR
  • Integrated environment for development devices based on PLD (DS-ISE-FND 9.1)
  • Packages ThermaCAM Quick View, ThermaCAM Researcher and ThermaCAM Reporter 7.0



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