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The main goal of the scientific and educational structural unit of the Integrated Circuits, Nanoelectronics Devices and Microsystems Design Center is the solution of complex educational, scientific and industrial problems of the Federal Goal-oriented Program "Development of electronic component basis and radio electronics for 2008-2015", and resolving other specialized problems of the Centre, that continue and develop the activities of this program and other federal programs (see Regulation SMKO MIREA P.02/58-09 6.4/03)

Scientific Chef of the Design Center:
Rector of MSTU MIREA, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexander Sigov

Director of the design center:
Doctor, Associate Professor
Evgeniy Pevtsov

Main areas of work:

  • organization of training and retraining for specialists on the subject of integrated computer-aided design electronic components and equipment;
  • development of scientific and technical products and services, which include: research and development activities in the field of automated systems for designing electronic components and the development of sophisticated electronic equipment on the basis of libraries of standard elements, complex functional blocks, SoC circuits, systems in the body and application software;
  • development of training and educational materials for specialists working on electronic design automation systems and electronic systems based on it;
  • researches on computer-aided design methodology based on the development of theory and practice of system-level abstraction of the integrated circuit description;
  • modeling and development of new devices and microsystem technology devices (MEMS).

Our Center has longstanding business relations with world-known companies. University is the official member of Europractice. Among our general partners are Cadence, Synopsys, Coventor, Xilinx and many others.


Транспарант бегущая строкаИзмерительный комплекс для контроля ПЗСКомплекс оборудования для экспериментальных исследований в НИИНФ РАМН им. АП. АнохинаАппаратно-программный комплекс для исследований структур на основе активных диэлектриков



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