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Technical equipping of the Design Center:

I. Special software

Special software consists of CAD system packages, which provide a whole circle (on logical and physical layers) of design, prototyping, verification and testing of difficult functional blocks, VLSI, systems on a chip, high speed printed circuit boards and topology of devices of nanoelectronics and micro electro mechanical systems, as well as software for researches, developments and verification of models of electronic devices and technological processes .

  • VLSI and difficult functional block design
  • design of devices of nanoelectronics and microsystems
  • prototyping of VLSI and difficult functional blocks
  • PCB design
  • design of DSP and data acquisition systems

II. Special equipment

Special equipment of the Design center afford to conduct researches of semiconductor and dielectric structures and devices, measurements of distribution of thermal field on plates in integrated circuits, measurements of amplitude-response curve and phase-response curve of super-high-frequency devices and extraction their parameters for modeling, as well as to research models of VLSI prototypes on the base of PLD.

  • BGA IR/PL 650A Rework Station
  • B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
  • FT-IR Nicolet ECO / RS Spectrometer
  • E8363B Vector Network Analyzer
  • ThermoVision A40M-FireWire
  • Analog Devices «DSP-lab»
  • AT90S8535 Development Kit
  • Cypress University Alliance Technology Grant Proposal Kit
  • NI ELVIS Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite
  • Complete, redy-to-use digital circuit development platform based on Xilinx FPGA: Spartan 3E Starter KIT, Atlys

III. Server equipment and organization of the local area network

Complex of net and server equipment of the Center provides functionary of special CAD systems for design difficult functional blocks, VLSI, and systems on a chip under control of the specialized server, providing control over right usage of licenses and reserve saving work information. Common number of workstations – not less 30. As well as the complex includes switching and peripheral equipment, necessary for control over client workstations and control over their work, development design documentation.

  • workstations
  • application server
  • file server
  • switching equipment


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